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My Favorite Lashes to Wear When I Want to Stand Out

Lashes can either make or break you. There are so many styles out there and its so hard to choose one when shopping. With countless lash brands and and styles out there, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a lash that works best for you. Below are a few of my favorite lashes that are sure to turn heads in a good way!

I love a wispy lash but these will take your lashes to another level! I love the thickness at the base and it fans out to a romantic wispy look at the end. This is great for all eye shapes especially if you want that rounded doll shape look. These lashes are synthetic silk and the band is super flexible leaving your comfortable all day and night!

2. Lilly Lashes - So Extra Miami

This is the "Miami" lashes big sister. I love how extra and fluttery these lashes are. I use these lashes when I know I'm going to be in photos and I want a bold lash that will make my bigger eyes stand out.

These are my absolute FAVORITE lashes for stage makeup. When I want my fitness girls to stand out on stage these are an absolute must have. The band isn't as flexible as others, however if you trim them properly, they fit very comfortably. I love pairing these lashes with a glitter cut crease.


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