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Questions and Answers

What products are in your kit?

My kit contains but is not limited to Estee Lauder, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Patrick Ta, Charlotte TIllbury, and MAC. For airbrush foundation applications I use Mineral Air.

How soon should I book a makeup trial?

The sooner the better! That way we would have plenty of time to come up with the perfect bridal look for you and secure your spot in my calendar. 

Should I have my hair done before makeup?

If you can, yes. That way the whole looks comes together after the makeup is done. Sometimes a full face of makeup can look more extreme if your hair isn't styled appropriately. 


Are you comfortable working on all ethnicities?

Yes I am! I take pride on being able to work on all skin tones. No need to worry about bringing your own shade of foundation.

Am I allowed to bring my own makeup?

Yes you can, if you or anyone in your party are worried about any skin sensitivities I strongly encourage it!

How much time would you need for each person on my wedding day?

Generally I would need an hour for the bride and 30-40 minutes per bridesmaid.

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