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So You're Looking for a Mentor...

"Surround yourself with those who will inspire you to rise to the next level."

Whether you're just starting your career in makeup or you've been in the industry for a while and you're looking to take your business to the next level, mentorship is for you. 

When you have a mentor, you’re surpassing all of the tests, twists and turns that you would have when you’re on your own. 


A mentor can see areas that need to be improved and customize a plan of action just for you. 

They can pull from their previous experience to guide you. They can also help provide plenty of knowledge and information that you wouldn't get from your inner circle. 


With 10 years of experience in multiple areas of makeup, I am certain I can help you build your brand and reach your goals. I believe in building professional relationships with my mentees and allowing them to feel comfortable opening up to me so I can help them reach their greatest potential and become their best selves. 


My mentorship program starts at $350 for three months or $150 per month. This will include unlimited messaging when I am available, phone conversations, zoom/facetime calls and social media interactions. 


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