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These Lashes will Change your Makeup Game

These lashes are great quality and they're practically a drugstore brand. You can purchase these at Target and Ulta. The most popular lash the the Grand Glamour lash. They have to look of mink lashes without the hefty price point. Make sure you really measure these lashes and cut them to fit your eye shape because the band isn't as flexible. However, you're going to look like a beauty queen after applying them!

Dodo lashes are every makeup artist's best kept secret. These are mink lashes that are $5-$12 depending on how much volume you're looking for. My favorites are the D301's and the D115's.

Use code "SEATTLE_MUA" for even more of a discount.

These lashes are almost fool proof for those who want the look of individual lashes but don't have the patience to put single lashes on. Use a waterproof glue and apply them over your lash line for very natural yet full lashes. This is a staple for bridal makeup, especially if you tend to cry a lot. If one lash falls off, your makeup will still look complete!

What are your favorite lashes?

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