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$1 Beauty Blenders?!?!

Hold up. Did I say makeup for $1? I sure did.

Shop Miss A has been a best kept secret and I'm here to spill ALL of the tea. In this post you'll get to see my favorite items from their site and my not so favorite purchases.

My first favorite item is the Wonder Blender! Its latex free, super bouncy and I love to blend my cream contour and highlighters with this tool. I find that they work better than the beauty blenders. I also love that they come in black and pink. Shop Miss A also makes mini blenders for your under eyes and hard to reach spots. Make sure you make them damp before you use them!

The next items are the crystal glitters!! I am the queen of glitter and I love adding a little glam to my looks. These colors are so vibrant and sparkly! You can create a nice cut crease with these. Use the NYX glitter primer to secure your glitter look will stay on all day!

My third favorite item are the blotting papers. I love to send my brides with a few of these so they stay oil free and matte during their big day. Keep these around with you throughout the day so you can blot and keep your flawless coverage. I know a lot of you are thinking, "Why cant I just bring my powder to blot?" and there's nothing wrong with that, but using the blotting paper is so much easier especially on the go. Pat pat pat and you're done!

Shop these products here!

The few items I would skip are the brushes. They blend pretty well but the barrel tends to fall off often. If you're fine with using super glue to bind it back together then you'll probably like them!

Next is the eyelash glue, I don't find that is sticks very well and it isn't waterproof so its probably not a good choice for weddings and emotional events. Last would be the AOA lashes, I've always been a fan of the Kara lashes and they stopped selling a lot of them. I just find that the quality isn't as good anymore.

Have you ever shopped on Shop Miss A? What items did you purchase?


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