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How to look Flawless on Stage

Fitness/Stage makeup is one of my passions! I have full creative freedom to go heavier than I normally would day to day. Highlighting and contouring is extreme and I can apply lashes that you’ll see for miles! Below are some of my tips and tricks to look flawless all day on stage for your competition! Good luck and thanks for reading!

1. Do not tan your face!

I repeat! DO NOT tan your face. As hard as it is, your makeup artist should be able to match your skin to the rest of your body. Tanning spray will make your makeup look blotchy and it’s noticeable. If you’re doing your own makeup make sure you get a pretty dark foundation (preferably in an olive tone like NC 50 from MAC) and you can mix it with your day to day to get the perfect match.

2. Highlight

Highlighting will make your face look more sculpted on stage. Our faces tend to get smaller and sink in when working out and dieting. Highlighting will add a little fullness to our faces and make our cheekbones look more sculpted below and around those areas. Try going 3-4 shades lighter for stage makeup. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes amazing contour cream kits to mix into your foundation.

3. Do opt for a brighter lip-color

Bright tones will show on stage and give you that cover model look. I usually get requests for nude lipstick but it will end up washing you out on stage. Look for Berries, Reds, Corals, a nice gloss. Ask your artist for a sample container of your lipcolor to reapply before your appointment or bring your own.

4. Blotting Paper

Make sure you bring blotting paper with you during your competition. It’s hard to beat oil and sweat when your makeup artist isn't around. This is critical so you don’t look shiny on stage. I love glow, but this isn’t the direction we’re going for stage.

5. Heavy makeup doesn’t look so scary on Stage

Go ahead and purchase those glam lashes! They may look dramatic while doing your makeup but you’ll thank me later when getting your pictures from stage! Add a few more coats of blush and a little more powder. The less you use the more washed out you’ll look!

For additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below and I’ll answer it as fast as I can!

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