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The Best Drugstore Foundations Without Breaking the Bank

I've worked with several makeup brands through my career, some good and some bad. One thing I noticed is that good foundation doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't even have to be high end! In my makeup kit I have only high end foundations because I believe my customer is paying for a luxury experience. However, my personal kit has a few of my favorite drugstore foundations and I always get asked what I'm wearing!

Before wearing these foundations, make sure you apply a moisturizer and primer that works for you! When you find your favorite skincare routine, you can make some of the least expensive foundations look like a million bucks!


1.Maybelline Fit Me

We're going to start off with a banger. Maybelline might be the G.O.A.T ( greatest of all time) for so many skin tones! I can change the finish by mixing my primer but it's originally full coverage, which is a must in my book. You can always make it a lighter coverage by adding your primer or moisturizer.

Pro tip: I'm not the biggest fan of the "fit me" concealers, they absolutely need a larger shade range.

2. L'Oreal Pro Glow

Pro Glow is a beautiful foundation to keep in your kit. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin or for hot weather. This is my favorite base for photo shoots or when I'm trying to accomplish that J. Lo glow.

Pro tip: add a couple drops of liquid highlighter to make it even more glowy!

3. Black Opal Foundation Sticks

Black opal has always been a staple for my personal makeup kit and when I first started doing makeup for clients. This foundation is full coverage and quite heavy. It does cover all of your blemishes and discoloration. I love the stick formula because it makes it easier for personal application. For those with fairer complexions, these stick foundations are perfect for contouring!

Pro Tip: apply this foundation to the middle of the face and work your way out with a buffing brush or beauty blender.

I feel like there's one more foundation missing. What do you like to use?

Thanks for Reading!!

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