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My Favorite Highlighters

Let's face it, we can't all have a mansion and travel to luxurious destinations like J. Lo or Beyoncé, but we can have their signature glowy skin. Below are my all time favorite highlighters that you absolutely need for your kit and makeup bag.

1.Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby

We're going to start off with a banger. This is my favorite Highlighter of ALL TIME! Hu$tla Baby is the perfect combo of champagne and gold. She'll make you feel like a duchess and a pimp who wants their money at the same time. She goes on smoothly and doesn't take a lot to blend. This Highlighter is so pigmented but you can build more coverage to blind all of your toughest enemies. She is my go-to for myself. Women of color, don't be afraid of this highlighter, it looks amazing on our skin! Also people with slightly fair to medium skin tones will also love this color.

2. Kiko 208 Eyeshadow

Anyone that worked or shopped at MAC in the early 2000's knows about the infamous Whisper of Guilt Highlighter. This white gold color was complementary on all skin tones. After they discontinued it, everyone was a wreck... until the world discovered this bad boy. Kiko (an Italian brand) carries a dupe! You can only get it online or a few stores in the States if you don't live in Europe, but it’s worth it. Make sure you buy a few of these because you'll hit pan quickly after using it every day.

3. Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics Palette

This palette is more for professional makeup artists in my opinion. The Highlighters on the bottom are very pigmented and you and mix and match to create their perfect color for ALL skin tones. I feel like the palette didn't get the credit it deserved. It's definitely a staple in my kit and its only $22.50 at Ulta.


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