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Beauty Tips for Brides to be

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Wedding season is on its way! I wanted to post a few helpful tips to keep in mind before your big day. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Many congratulations to all of you!

If you have any additional questions, drop me a line.



Book your makeup artist ahead of time.

Your favorite artist might get booked months to a year in advance. It's best to book your artist as soon as possible to ensure that you get the artist that you want for your big day. Even if they require a deposit, ask if you could make payments to hold your date.

Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest boards and scrapbooks are a good way to show the artist what you're wanting. You could tell a makeup artist that you want smokey eyes, and the artist could give you a bolder look than you had in mind. Make sure you have a couple examples of eyes, brows, and skin so they can create your perfect look.

Schedule a trial

Trials are a must! Even the best of artists may not be for you, and sometimes the makeup you think looks good, won't turn out exactly how you imagined in person or on camera. Book your trial months in advance so you have your date and look secured for your big day.

Take care of your skin

Skincare is so important when it comes to makeup. Weddings can be stressful and stress can cause breakouts or other problems with your skin. The best step to take is to find an esthetician that can start taking care of your skin beforehand to help avoid any breakouts on your wedding day. Your makeup application will look flawless!

Be mindful of trends vs. classic makeup

Trends come and go. Make sure you keep in mind that what you think is cute now, may not be so cute in 20 years. Look for a combination of classic makeup and a couple of trends that you prefer for yourself.

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