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How to Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup

As a bridal makeup artist, one of my many responsibilities is to help my clients find the perfect look for their wedding day. Often, I find that my future brides are overwhelmed with pictures of people that they found on Pinterest and on other social media sources. Below are a few ways I help my brides-to-be find their perfect wedding look.

Your friends and family’s opinions don’t matter. Let’s start off with this statement first. I often hear this before every makeup trial. “My fiancé doesn’t like it when I wear this color” or “My parents want me to look very natural”. How do YOU want to look on your wedding day? What makes you feel happy? Friends and family tend to state their opinion on us frequently, but in the long run it’s your big day. You should wear what you want to.

Who are you? What is your lifestyle? I like to ask my brides about themselves, and what they do. I tend to ask more questions about who they are instead of how they want to look on their big day. That way I can get an idea on how their makeup should be and if it suits their personality. If I have a bride that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and loves to go to the beach, I would create a natural bronzed look. If my bride is a dancer or competes in pageants, I may go for a heavier glam look.

Where is your venue? There are several different types of venues. I have been to some venues that have a Gatsby feel; that’s when I’d go for a darker lip and bolder eyes. Some venues are a little more rustic so I’d go for earthier tones and possibly a pinkish lip to balance the look.

What makeup shades and tones make you feel beautiful? It’s always best to experiment with different looks before your makeup trial. Who knows? You might find a lipstick or an eye-shadow color that you'll feel great in! Wouldn’t you want to feel the same on your wedding day? The best way to do this is to go to department stores and ask to try on a couple different products (Make sure they sanitize them first before you try it on). Who knows, you might find a new look for your daily routine as well.

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