September 4, 2018

After working several weddings, I've found that every bride needs a little touching up after hours of dancing, eating and kissing your new spouse. Below are some of my favorite products to recommend to brides and pack for a little touch up during their big day.

1.Blotting Paper

Blotting papers are a must on wedding days. Sweat and shine are almost inevitable after hours of moving around. Blotting paper prevents shine in photos and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Using blotting paper is also a better option than blotting powder because there wont be any flashback! 

2. Your Wedding lip color/gloss

Its always best to bring your own lip color or have your makeup artist pack a sample container of your lip color for your big day so your lips look fresh all evening. Gloss is always a great option and looks stunning in photos. 

3. Eyelash glue

Unless you have eyelash extensions, its always best to bring a small eyelash glue. I use waterproof eyelash glue for my brides but you never know if...

Your birthday is something that should always be festive and memorable ! It's easy to get caught
up in the flow of your day to day life and treat it like another day. Celebrating with friends and
family is a large part of what makes life great, and that's why you should consider making your
birthday celebration special this year. After all, Seattle has some awesome potential birthday party
locations for you to celebrate your big day.

Paint the Town

4611 Village Ct NE
Paint the Town is a great place to express some creativity with your group of friends for your
birthday. This DIY ceramic painting studio allows BYOB parties, and it's a ton of fun to
relax while making unique artwork for your home. There are over 250 ceramic pieces to
choose from, and it's super affordable when you consider that the price includes the glaze
and firing in the kiln.

1130 Broadway
All ages can enjoy the atmosphere at Garage! With bowling, pool tables, food, and great
drinks, there's not much more you nee...

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