November 28, 2016

 Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the silence!  I've been very busy this season with makeup appointments and teaching. However, I have been managing to take a few pictures of my makeup looks over the course of this holiday season so expect more tips and tricks to come soon! 

Lately I've had a lot of people asking me what are some of the best makeup products for the holidays. My opinion is to always go with what you're comfortable with, but keep in mind that the holidays is the absolute BEST time to go bold and bring out your inner Beyonce.

The look I posted below was me using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette that came out a few months back. I am in LOVE with all of the bold warm colors. They suit everyone and they will definitely create a statement at your next gathering. 

Also pair up your eye shadow with a metallic color on the lids. I'm using a bronzey gold loose shadow from Bare Minerals in the shade "August". 

My next tip is to add a bolder...

October 17, 2016

Yes, I'm guilty. I was one of the many people that stayed up until midnight to purchase this glorious palette only to find out that it didn't launch till later to prevent the webpage from crashing. All bitterness aside, I was finally able to order my palette that morning and I constantly tracked my package to see when my precious cargo would arrive in the mail.

As soon as it was delivered, I took it out of the package and took several pictures of my new addition to my makeup collection. The jewel tones are mesmerizing and I couldn't wait to try different looks on myself and my models.

This palette works on all skin tones and shades. Isabel and Violeta are my favorite transition shades on women with deeper complexions while, Lula and Isabel work well for women with light to medium complexions.

Don't get me started on the shimmer and jewel tones! Or do. If you're looking for a palette that works for editorial shoots, this is the one. You can bring out just about any eye color with the shade...

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