March 2, 2018

Hold up. Did I say makeup for $1? I sure did. 

Shop Miss A has been a best kept secret and I'm here to spill ALL of the tea. In this post you'll get to see my favorite items from their site and my not so favorite purchases. 

My first favorite item is the Wonder Blender! Its latex free, super bouncy and I love to blend my cream contour and highlighters with this tool. I find that they work better than the beauty blenders. I also love that they come in black and  pink. Shop Miss A also makes mini blenders for your under eyes and hard to reach spots. Make sure you make them damp before you use them! 

The next items are the crystal glitters!! I am the queen of glitter and I love adding a little glam to my looks. These colors are so vibrant and sparkly! You can create a nice cut crease with these. Use the NYX glitter primer to secure your glitter look will stay on all day! 

My third favorite item are the blotting papers. I love to send my brides with a few of these so t...

December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you're enjoying the season. I know many of you like myself have long days ahead. Whether you're always on the go and plan on going to every party you can think of, or if you have an early morning and you're in charge of cooking the holiday dinner for your family and friends. Whatever your week brings you, there's one thing that I find a lot of people are concerned about and it's if their makeup will stay on all day!

Below are a few of my favorite products that I like to use to keep my clients makeup looking fresh all day. Enjoy!

1. Moisturize!

Applying Foundation on flaky skin is a No-Go Honey! Make sure you apply a hydrating moisturizer on your skin even if it's oily! My favorite moisturizer lately is L'oreal's Age Perfect Facial Oil.

 You also want to make sure you moisturize your lips before a lipstick application. I'm obsessed with Oribe's Lip Balm.

 2. Prime.

There are several primers but most of them just don't add up to Smashbox Photo F...

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