September 4, 2018

After working several weddings, I've found that every bride needs a little touching up after hours of dancing, eating and kissing your new spouse. Below are some of my favorite products to recommend to brides and pack for a little touch up during their big day.

1.Blotting Paper

Blotting papers are a must on wedding days. Sweat and shine are almost inevitable after hours of moving around. Blotting paper prevents shine in photos and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Using blotting paper is also a better option than blotting powder because there wont be any flashback! 

2. Your Wedding lip color/gloss

Its always best to bring your own lip color or have your makeup artist pack a sample container of your lip color for your big day so your lips look fresh all evening. Gloss is always a great option and looks stunning in photos. 

3. Eyelash glue

Unless you have eyelash extensions, its always best to bring a small eyelash glue. I use waterproof eyelash glue for my brides but you never know if...

July 19, 2018

                 First things first, I almost died when I received this package in the mail. I am so grateful to be one of the first people to try the extended Too Faced Foundation shades (Thanks, Jackie Aina!) . In this photo I am wearing the shade "Spiced Rum". I am about an NC50 MAC shade for those who need shade comparing. 

                  Too Faced claimed that their foundation is "So undetectable, you can’t see the makeup or the imperfections—just a natural-looking, luminous, flawless complexion.". Which sounded very intriguing to me. 

                   This foundation is infused with Coconut water and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration along with Rosewater to brighten your complexion. 

                    Too Faced started with 24 shades but now with the help of the famous beauty blogger Jackie Aina, they now have a whopping...

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